Our Journey: From Siblings to Digital Dynamos

Behind every pixel and post, there’s a story of two brothers united not just by blood but by a shared passion for the digital realm. Dive deeper into our tale and discover how we transformed childhood dreams into a thriving digital partnership.

Marc's Cat, Ms. Beans
Jast's Cat, Ms. Tsutsu

Two Paths, One Destination

While our early interests seemed worlds apart — one drawn to the artistry of design, the other to the intricacies of algorithms — life had a way of blending our talents. Over the years, what appeared to be separate journeys became intertwined, each complementing the other.

Our collective experiences, both successes and setbacks, shaped ‘The Brothers Digital.’ Today, with a harmonious blend of aesthetics and analytics, we offer clients a comprehensive digital experience, grounded in a bond that only brothers could share.

Just two Brothers ready to take on the world!

From childhood games to pioneering in the digital realm, our journey as brothers has been nothing short of extraordinary. With every challenge faced and every milestone achieved, our bond has only grown stronger, driving us to chase bigger dreams together in the world of marketing.

“A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams.”

Foundations That Drive Us

At The Brothers Digital, our essence is distilled into three core pillars. Each symbolizes a belief, an ethos, and a commitment that fuels our every endeavor.


We don't just act; we question. Every venture begins with understanding the 'why'. This purpose-driven approach ensures that our strategies resonate deeply, achieving authentic and meaningful outcomes.

Collaborative at Heart

True success is never a solo endeavor. Embracing the power of collaboration, we believe in uniting strengths, sharing visions, and building together. With us, partnership is not just a process; it's a principle.

Evolving Presence

The digital realm never stands still, and neither do we. Committed to continuous learning and adaptation, we ensure that our presence, and by extension yours, is always fresh, relevant, and ahead of the curve.

Let's make some Magic together

In the world of digital wizardry, every brand has its unique spell. Let’s combine our magical prowess to turn your vision into enchanting digital realities.

Meet The Brothers!

Jast Aubin

Content and Socials

Marc-Antoine Aubin

Website and Strategy

We're always looking for new amazing partners

Collaboration is at the heart of innovation. While we excel in our domain, we’re constantly on the lookout for specialists beyond our realm. If you’re an expert with a unique skill set that complements ours, let’s join forces and elevate our clients’ success together.


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