The top 5 lessons on business I learned from a lifelong martial arts practice.

The Unconventional Interplay of Martial Art and Business Success

Few would anticipate the strong connection between the discipline of martial arts and the dynamics of business success. Both paths, though vastly diverse, share fundamental principles: discipline, focus, strategy, respect, continual progress, humility… As a lifelong martial arts practitioner, I’ve spent decades honing my craft to let’s call it an “acceptable” degree. Through that, I’ve garnered valuable insights that have significantly impacted my approach to business. This article explores the top five crucial business lessons I’ve unearthed through my martial arts practice.

Discipline: The Foundation of Success

The first martial arts lesson that translates especially well into business is discipline. In martial arts, discipline isn’t negotiable – regular training, eating clean, persevering despite plateaus or roadblocks, and the ability to stay focused are essential for progress. Similarly, discipline forms the backbone for successful businesses. A disciplined approach to your business means sticking to your business plans, objectives, deadlines, and budgets. The cultivation of consistency, punctuality, and reliability leads to the establishment and growth of a successful brand.

Strategy: Your Battle Plan for Business

In martial arts, every move, response, and attack is a product of strategy. You learn your opponent, anticipate their moves, and craft a well-thought-out plan to surmount them. This translates seamlessly into the business world. As a business owner, understanding your market, predicting shifts in industry trends, planning your brand positioning, and forecasting your progress forms part of your strategic planning. A successful business isn’t by chance; it’s a result of meticulous planning and strategic execution, just like a winning martial arts performance.

Resilience: The Power to Bounce Back

Martial arts practice involves challenges and failures, the last of which I’ve had more than my fair share of, but failing is never the end – it’s the beginning of learning how not to fall again. This embodies resilience – the ability to bounce back from setbacks with the humility of knowing we might fail again but proceeding with an earnest spirit nonetheless. In the business world, disappointments are inevitable. From loss of clients to product failures and negative reviews, resilience is crucial to forge onwards, adjust strategies, and reach your projected goals. Every successful enterprise has experienced failure(s). However, they have learned to transform adversity into strength.

Respect: Cultivating Professional Relationships

In martial arts, respect is a fundamental principle. You learn to respect your coach, your training partners, and even your opponents. This decorum goes beyond simple gestures and speaks volumes about recognizing and appreciating the efforts and skills of others. In business, the principle of respect extends to colleagues, customers, competitors, and prospective clients. It forms the basis of cultivating meaningful, professional relationships that can foster business growth. A respectful approach leads to improved client relations, team collaboration, and cooperation from business associates, which highly contribute to business success.

Continuous Learning: The Journey of Growth

In martial arts, there’s a wide array of techniques. with incredible details, from practical applications to biomechanics. This is parallel to the business sphere which constantly evolves and requires constant upskilling and adaptability. As a businessperson, being a continual learner enables you to stay ahead of competition, adapt to industry changes promptly, and tap into emerging opportunities for expansion. Learning, therefore, isn’t a one-off affair but a continuous journey.

Conclusion: From Dojo to Boardroom

In retrospect, the dojo and boardroom might seem worlds apart. But if you observe closely, you’ll realize that the underlying principles are surprisingly alike. Miyamoto Musashi, the famous Samurai, even based his philosophy for success off of his martial arts, and his book of five rings is still a popular one to this day, which many companies drew business lessons from.

These tenets found in martial arts, when effectively applied, can play a pivotal role in shaping the direction of a business by driving its growth and ensuring its continued success. Martial arts not only grooms us to be better fighters in the dojo, but also equips us to be proficient leaders in the business world. The discipline, strategic planning, resilience, respect, and constant learning are all powerful business lessons that become the guiding force behind a successful venture.

So, the next time you think of martial arts, remember, it’s more than just the high kicks, knockout punches and endless joint locks; it’s a repository of wisdom for business success!


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